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Welcome to Riviera Pilates, the quintessential Pilates studio in Antibes, renowned for offering an exceptional Pilates experience.
Located in the heart of Antibes, we specialize in providing personalized and effective Pilates sessions for individuals of all skill levels.
Whether you’re starting your fitness journey or are a seasoned Pilates practitioner, our studio is your go-to destination for Pilates in Antibes.

Pilates Antibes

Why Riviera Pilates is the
Top Choice for Pilates in Antibes?

Expert Instructors
At Riviera Pilates Antibes, our certified Pilates instructors are committed to your fitness goals. They utilize their extensive experience to ensure each session is rewarding, focusing on your unique needs and preferences.

Diverse Pilates Programs
We offer a comprehensive range of Pilates classes at Riviera Pilates, including Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrel Pilates. Our programs, catered to the Antibes community, are designed to enhance flexibility, balance, and core strength, embodying a comprehensive approach to wellness.

Advanced Pilates Equipment
Our studio is equipped with cutting-edge Pilates machines, providing a varied and challenging workout experience. This makes Riviera Pilates a leading choice for Pilates Antibes, where quality and diversity in training are paramount.

Welcoming Atmosphere
Located in the scenic town of Antibes, our studio offers a tranquil environment perfect for practicing Pilates. It’s an ideal retreat for those seeking a focused and peaceful Pilates session in Antibes.

Flexible Scheduling
Understanding the busy lifestyles of our clients in Antibes, we offer a range of class timings and private sessions to accommodate your schedule. Riviera Pilates Antibes is dedicated to making Pilates accessible to everyone.

Join Our Pilates Community in Antibes

Riviera Pilates is more than just a Pilates studio; it’s a vibrant community in Antibes.

We believe in creating a supportive atmosphere where everyone can progress and feel part of something special.

Experience the transformative power of Pilates in Antibes and embark on a journey towards improved health and wellness.


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Riviera Pilates Antibes
The Body You Want, The Mind You Have

  • J'ai commencé le pilate mat il y a presque 1 an à un rythme d'une fois par semaine et quel bonheur! Maggy suit chaque mouvement pour travailler en profondeur et en douceur sans se faire mal. Je n'ai plus de raideur dans le dos et j'ai vu une amélioration de ma posture après quelques semaines. Je ne changerai de salle pour rien au monde!
    Fanny Brossais
  • L'accueil, la rigueur et le sérieux sont les grandes caractéristiques de Riviera Pilates. Un équilibre entre le bien être et le travail en profondeur qui permet de "faire du muscle" sans efforts démesurés et de "s'allonger".
  • Je conseille vivement Riviera Pilates. Ambiance très conviviale et beaucoup de professionnalisme de la part de Maggy et son équipe. C'est top.
    Gilles Jean
  • I’m living in Antibes for the summer and wanted to find a studio to keep active. Maggy has been accommodating and her studio is beautiful. She’s an absolute pro and I really appreciated her patience with me being a beginner at Pilates. Riviera Pilates is a great gem in Antibes for anyone looking for a great workout in a meditative atmosphere.
    Colleen R.